Our dogs feel the same stresses and pain we do when they work and play too hard, are recovering from injuries and surgery, or are just getting a little older; and, just like with humans, massage can help them feel better, recover quicker and be an important part of their whole wellness. Massage has many benefits, including increasing blood circulation, elimination of toxins from the body, relieving tension, relaxing muscle spasms, helping maintain flexibility, and many more (see sidebar for a list of benefits).

Using knowledge gained from studying canine anatomy, physiology, pathology, structure & movement, and acquiring skill sets enabling me to evaluate and massage your dog to assess issues, I can make recommendations and work alongside vets and other canine professionals to address your dog’s well being. I can reactively help with current issues and proactively optimize your dog’s health, so any future issues will be shorter and have lower impact. Massage is just a part of a “whole dog” approach to your dog’s health.

Massage is never a substitute for licensed veterinary care.


Why do dogs need massage?

Some of the

Benefits of Massage

  1. Opens blood vessels

  2. Relieves congestion

  3. Circulates blood

  4. Pushes waste and toxins out of the body

  5. Relaxes muscle spasms

  6. Relieves tension

  7. Increases blood supply that nourishes the muscle without adding to the toxic lactic acid load

  8. Helps overcome harmful fatigue

  9. Improves muscle tone

  10. Prevents or delays muscle weakness after lying around for long periods of time (compensates for lack of exercise)

  11. With illness, age, injury, it keeps venous blood moving

  12. It can stimulate, relax and even reprogram the nervous system

  13. Increases the exchange of substances between cells, heightening tissue metabolism

  14. Increases the excretion of fluids such as nitrogen, inorganic phosphorus, salt and sulfur (these components make it difficult for the body to repair itself)

  15. Encourages retention of chemical compounds necessary for tissue repair in bone fractures

  16. Stretches connective tissue

  17. Prevents formation of adhesions and fibrous bands of muscles

  18. Helps maintain flexibility

  19. Decreases inflammation of tissue in joints as well as enhancing nutritional aspects

  20. Decreases pain

  21. Increases intestinal movement

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